Mona was born in Los Angeles, California.

As an artist she is known for her continuous exploration of collage from real life objects, street photography and the internet. Mona views her work and creativity as a science in which one incessantly experiments with a variety of mediums and self-taught techniques while researching themes through travel, collecting and research. Utilizing a host of found objects and photos, her work portrays powerful and provocative images that reflect contemporary life. Her creations include collage, assemblage, as well as digitally based projections.

My collages are a constant process of exploration, research and education. The creative process is paramount in my approach to my work especially when it comes to experimentation. I need to attack each image through a different approach, a different method in order to keep the spontaneity and incorporate chance into the work.

The themes in my art have been constant throughout my life, whether it was my wearables, ceramics or my collages. I am interested in capturing human emotion and thoughts utilizing techniques, familiar objects and references to give the viewer their own map to understanding the image.

I incorporate found objects and references to trigger different memories for each viewer. This is important to me as I want each viewer to have an individual starting point when they first see the image. My collages are a reflection of society as I use layers of varied materials (memories) to show the complex world we reside in.

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M-Fri 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


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