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Judith Warrick & Stephen Prescott Greene

This book never would have happened without you, and we are all very grateful to you that it did... Glad you could be there to see him love it!


Santiago Suarez Hacienda Cochauco Bocadito 2015

Hola, i think we are ready To come back for a rest. We had amazing luck in being able to pull off this really loved event. It seemed that everybody thought it was the most different thing that they had experienced down here.

It was such a great vibe! I don't remember a thing. I was the nervous bride just floating through her wedding. Ha! You were such a great help in getting us through this one. Everybody is already planning the next one!

Deborah Oskwarek

Mona, So proud of your website you did for me!!! I love the banners that change and the new photos and oh wow the weight of the nation video.

Deborah Oskwarek

Deborah Oskwarek

Awesome.  I had a SCORE gentleman who I work with at times (this is an organization of retired executives who volunteer time to help small businesses).

He said, "I like it. Nice and clean and to the point.  also, points out benefits of working with you.    Mike

This is just what I'd like to hear from my website visitors.

Thanks again.

Tim Cook Cook's Antique Lumber

Mona, I could not be happier with the website, it is fantastic. We did an extra section and there was quite a bit of editing so I thought the job was worth more money. Thanks so much! Tim

Cook's Antique Lumber

Cook's Antique Lumber

Wanessa Anderson & W. Rhythm Fitness Studio

Wanessa Anderson & W. Rhythm Fitness Studio

Wanessa Anderson & W. Rhythm Fitness Studio

"Mona is great! Creative and innovative ideas and prompt service. She really takes time to understand your business. I Highly recommend her services."  Wanessa Anderson 2016

Koblenz Antique & Estate Jewelry


Thank you to Mona of MCM Designs for taking me on with WordPress and a very big thankyou to Jan of G-Force Services for a wonderful working website for many years. Jan is retiring from the web world.

Iron Horse Builders

Iron Horse Builders Renovation of The Spirit Horse Farm

Iron Horse Builders Renovation of The Spirit Horse Farm

"Our site was hacked and pulled from the internet. We called MCM and they immediately dropped everything to fix the problem. They also installed another layer of security to our site so this can't happen in the future. We can't thank them enough. MCM has worked with us on numerous projects. Their rates are very fair. Their work and turn around time is outstanding. I can't recommend them highly enough." Iron Horse Builders 2015

Creamery Antique Mall

"We forgot a deadline for an important magazine ad. The publisher gave us 24 hours. We called MCM and our ad was created and approved on time and within budget." Carrie McEnroe

Creamery Antique Mall Stevensville, MT

Creamery Antique Mall Stevensville, MT

Gallery LaPeche

"We needed our website up and running within the week. We sent the files over and MCM took care of the rest. The site was up and running with no glitches. No tedious phone calls. They just got it done." Gallery LaPeche

Reginald Case

Reginald Case American Artist

Reginald Case American Artist

We migrated a legacy website into wordpress within 24 hours. The client Bonnie Case could not have been more appreciative.

Cliff Enright

I needed my site up in a matter of days to show a new client that was interested in my paintings. Mona got the photos and uploaded my site over the weekend. In time for Monday's Conference Call.49

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